Ithaca Resources

Here are some valuable resources for people moving into the area, or for tenants moving from one property to another…


For electric and gas service in Ithaca, contact New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG) customer service. The phone number is (800) 572-1111. For gas emergencies phone (800) 572-1121. For electric emergencies phone (800) 572-1131.

For water in Ithaca, contact the City of Ithaca at (607) 274-6580 or 272-1717.

For cable TV, internet and phone in Ithaca (all combined), contact Time Warner Cable at (607) 272-3456.

For POTS – plain old telephone service – contact Verizon at (607) 890-7100.

Trash & Recycling

For trash colleciton in Ithaca, including pick-up dates, contact the Department of Public Works at (607) 272-1718.

For recycling in Ithaca, including pick-up dates, contact Tompkins County Recycling at (607) 273-6632

Public Transportation For Tompkins County

(607) 277-7433

Useful information site including parks and recreational area information and much more!